Living at Sea

     It’s been 5 years since I saw her last. 5 years since we lived on a boat. I never knew it then but the cup of tea we had that morning was the last one we would have.      You know, I look back now, and it’s all fond memories, but what … Continue reading Living at Sea


Lost of You

We were once in such an intimate place that we would let the sun fade into the night without leaving the bed. We were lying like this when I asked you, “how do you feel about us, about this?” You closed your eyes and told me you couldn’t say. I lost myself somewhere in that … Continue reading Lost of You

Party & You

Here's a little excerpt from what I wrote during Nanowrimo, I hit 50000! Re-reading bit's and I'm pleasantly surprised at how some of it turned out.  My friend and her boyfriend were going to a costume party and I invited myself along. I was in a lonely phase, but trying to do something about it-something … Continue reading Party & You

Mari: Comic Book Mode

Comic book mode is how Mari described her most natural disposition. She could sit still and her encumbered mind would leave her as she began sketching. She was good at drawing, but she only enjoyed drawing people she knew or celebrities. “I just want to put you in a desert today.” She made tiny marks … Continue reading Mari: Comic Book Mode